BBC NEWS | Puppy was treated as a football

The below link is about that unhappy thing I meant to blog about days ago. I saved it as a draft trying to think up what I wanted to express about the story. Basically, I came up with the same hateful thoughts over and over again. I would have no problem returning the same torture to the youths mentioned in this story that they dealt to the puppy. I have a strong distaste for most of humanity… Humanity. Humane. We’re supposed to be the elevated beasts on the food chain yet every day we’re bombarded by stories like this and other atrocities that make me only glad to be upright for one reason: I’m less likely to suffer as this creature did. It’s despicable and horrid… The worst part of all, in my opinion, is that it was a group of youths that thought it was a good idea to do this. Not one sick fucker, but a group of sick fuckers. That’s almost as horrifying as the action itself. I hope they’re found and brought to justice… but then, what can be done to them that would drive the point home about what they did? With an obvious detachment from the suffering of others, can it be possible to punish the sick little bastards? I doubt it. Not without cutting off their hands or crippling them… that, I fear, would be the only way to bring light to the dim bulbs in their heads. What a sad fucking world we live in. Selfishly, I’m glad to be human to help me avoid such potential horrors. Selfishly too, I wish we could wipe out the worthless human beings that this group of youths belongs to- the not so secret society of haters, violence mongers, and useless flesh bags. It’s people like that that are wasting our time, energy and resources for ‘rehabilitation.’ Fuck ’em. Get off my planet. I have no use for you and I don’t believe your sins can be washed from your hands with social programmes and hugs. Fuck you.
BBC NEWS | England | Tyne | Puppy was treated as a football

Wow… guess I got a bit ugly at the end there… I’m not violent, nor hateful typically. I believe everyone deserves respect and trust until they prove otherwise. I live by one rule- call it my religion, my mantra, my motto… maybe you’ve heard it before… It’s called the Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” I guarantee that puppy had nothing but trust until he passed away. Battered, blinded and bleeding, that puppy only had trust. I don’t share the deep and optimistic trust that most domestic animals have. Wrong me and then you’ll need to earn it back. But everyone deserves a fair shake, no matter where you’re from, how much money you have, what colour your skin is, what god you worship, if any. Fair shake. Golden Rule.

Not sure where to end this, but I’m done now. Sorry for the buzzkill. I just had to bring attention to this story since it hit me like a cannonball to my gut.
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  1. Sadly this sick shit is all to common in a country that claims to be a nation of animal lovers, especially dog lovers, all of which is just another cloak that we like to put on to make our selfs feel superior. November the 5th will soon be upon us and it can be guaranteed that some sick fucks will be attaching fireworks to some poor innocent animal, happens every year.

    I think your point about humanity being humane is well made, the problem is that as a groups of the human race get together they tend to think of themselfs as being superior in some way. We are better than the animals because we can walk up right, talk and build atom bombs. Democracys are better than anywhere else so we can bomb the shit out of innocent people who were already suffering under there group of bastards that were controlling the country.

    Bill Hicks summed it up best : I’m tired of this back-slapping “Isn’t humanity neat?” bullshit. We’re a virus with shoes, okay? That’s all we are.


  2. Hi Kev-

    Yeah, this shit happens here too. I can’t, nor do I want to, get used to it.

    A virus with shoes, indeed.


  3. Plainly it is an awful story and we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t get upset and angry about such a thing. I read the beeb link and was stressed, but please guys, chill out a bit. The human race isn’t slime with bones, we are beautiful. Consider the beauty of Compassion for another life outside of ones’ social group. An even greater value can be asigned to compassion for non-species! Is this not what being human is about? Recognition of the right to life, acceptance of other peoples opinions, beliefs and values…
    What those Jordies did to that pup was disgracful, but please don’t smear the rest of humanity with their shit.
    I am living in Korea at the moment. Have you heard about what they do to dogs before they kill them and sling them in the cooking pot? Now, forget the isolated incident on the Tyne, what I am talking about is normal accepted practice out here. Focus your anger at something you can influence. The nob-heads on the Tyne, are just scum, but out here they are busnessmen, lawyers, doctors, and in gerneral the upper tier of male Korean society. Look it up…
    Lance x

  4. Hi Lance!

    Welcome to my blog! I get very upset with animal rights issues as well as the issues that plague impoverished and oppressed humans. I’ve been doing hard core volunteer work for over ten years and have run my own animal shelter for years. I’ve seen and heard it all, including the normal yet horrific practices of other societies. I’m not naive, but I’m not numb either. I write what I feel and don’t apologise for my opinion. So, in response to, “Focus your attention on something you can influence.”: that’s what sets me apart from most people who talk the talk. I have been active and continue with it. I know with depth and maturity what I’m angry about and do what I can to contribute to the positive.

    I also appreciate yours. I do welcome you to my blog- sincerely. But I won’t back down from my passionate opinions.
    I’m not smearing “the rest of humanity with their shit.” I’m talking about the bad guys here- not the contributors to society. I’m only angry at the takers and the compassionless.

    I don’t throw stones from a glass house… I’m not a perfect person and I’ll be the first to own my flaws, however, I have never hurt another creature for pleasure nor will I ever. I’m even a vegetarian.

    Thanks for your comments and I look forward to seeing more of them.
    a smooch to you, new guy!

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