MyDoom Virus Writing Not a Resume Builder

This is just dumb.
NewsFactor Network – Network Security – MyDoom Virus Writing Not a Resume Builder
I can just see it now…
“Hi, I have a high school equivalency degree, like to mountain bike, have made it through all of the Tony Hawk games twice, and can write a MyDoom virus. I’m looking for employment in computer security preferably near a shopping mall or a McDonald’s. Open the attached document for my full resumÈ.”

There are some really stupid virus writers out there. LOL

sanitised smooches~

One thought on “MyDoom Virus Writing Not a Resume Builder”

  1. Now you see if I had known this before all that unpleasantness could have been avoided when I had the ambition to be a Murder Detective to say nothing of my attempts to join the Temperance Society. 🙂


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