eBay item 3927922869

Wow… on the subject of tattoos lately… check this silliness out!
eBay item 3927922869 (Ends Sep-08-04 06:27:51 PDT) – TATTOO MY HEAD VOTE FOR JOHN KERRY
You know, the poor fella didn’t get a single bid, but then, really… did he expect any? The best part is the Q&A at the bottom of the auction page… heh heh. I quote: “There is only one Bush i want on my head and it is NOT the president.”
Right on fella… right on. I also think it’s funny how he marked his price down for the last 12 hours of the auction! Now that’s stickin’ it to ’em man… heh heh

My tattoo is doing well… I’m flakin’ like a snake, but doing well. Just got to keep the skin hydrated is all. I’ve got one more appointment and I’ll be done. I’ll be sure you get an exclusive glimpse of the final work here. šŸ˜‰

I’ve got a really heavy post to complete, but I want to stay positive right now, so it’ll be up maybe tomorrow. Nothing like a buzz kill waiting for you on a Friday right? tut

Until later, my esteemed kitties~
smooches in your general direction…

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