a fabulous week away from work

Hey kitties!
You still love me right? I know, I’ve been away, but I hope that hasn’t swayed your loyalties from my court. I’m here now baby. Everything is all right.

Of course, maybe you didn’t miss me at all or it’s your first time here. No matter. I’ll pad my own ego anyway. 😀

I just got back to the disappointment of reality yesterday. Monday was, well… a Monday. Today started not much better but had a sharp upturn to the fortune stratosphere… an electrical fire at my place of employment is giving me the rest of the day off – with pay! Can I get a w00t! Boo-yah.
I only had the faintest taste of the acrid air before leaving through the back door of the production area I’m stationed in, but I hear it got much, much nastier. I have a touch of asthma and allergies anyway. I would’ve likely asked to go for my health anyway.

My shoulder is aching in very appropriate ways this morning. I had a bunch more work done last night by my favourite tattooist, Bleach, at Capitol City Tattoo. (See the link to them o’er there —>) I have one more session to go and the shoulder will be complete. Here’s a photo or two of the progress:
close tattoo bloody machine close tattoo hurty happy tattoo
So you can imagine, by the blood and lack of bliss on my face, that it hurt. They’re supposed to though. It’s a tattoo. A big tattoo.

Had a fabulous week mostly away from Wisconsin. I had the pleasure of a sweet friend’s company for a road trip to my grandma’s house with an overnight stop in Chicago. We were on the road for hours and hours, but really, with proper company, even that can be a joy. We yammered most of the trip, only breaking our conversation for the music of my iPod once or twice. This low-key week included the lazy journey to visit my relatives as well as serving me up a helping of game playing education. I had never really played Checkers before. I know, I know… it’s an institution for chrissakes! Yeah, well, so is peanut butter and jelly, but I only just tried that too… heh heh. I’m a silly girl. I had some of the best cappuccino on this vacation too. A little place just down the road from me. I love finding a local treasure like that. Nice stuff.

I’m rambling on and should take advantage of this time off work thanks to faulty wiring.

Until we smooch again kitties!

2 thoughts on “a fabulous week away from work”

  1. Good to have you back and glad to hear you had a good time away.

    The tattoo is looking good. I’ll be the first to admit I wouldn’t get one firstly because of the pain and secondly I don’t think I could commit to something that long term, not that commitment is particularly an issue with me but I just know that I would move on from whatever symbolism it was I had tattooed. I have enough of my memory haunting me with out my body doing it too 🙂


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