conveniently, I’m considering cancelling cable…

Hiya kitties!

I’m at work doing more nothin’ than you can shake a stick at. So’s my co-worker. It’s dead here today. So, we’re dinking around, he’s looking at movie trailers and tv information; I’m constructing a festive playlist in iTunes and [now] blogging.

Nate, (the co-worker extraordinaire), found a digital HDTV company called Voom and made sure to inform me that they have a 24 hour Monster channel! EEEEeeee! That’s freakin’ cool! Horror and Sci-Fi monsters 24 hours a day?! In the immortal words of James Hetfield, “Ooo, yeh-heh!”
Now, I’m likely cancelling cable for three reasons: 1. because I hate the line-up and the changes they make without ever bothering to consult me (like adding Classic Latin Golf Blooper channels)… 2. Charter Communications is the devil’s left nut… 3. Trying to save cash. I only ever watch CNNHeadline News, and my yoga program on Oxygen anyway. Not worth the money.
So I won’t be installing this miracle box, however, I did find one more tiny intriguing reason to consider ordering the satellite service… HDTV/Widescreen porn. Yup. They offer it. You know, as if seeing everything isn’t bad enough, see it more clearly and see it as the director envisioned in glorious widescreen presentation mode… heh heh. It’s porn for crissakes… like anyone really wants to see that more realistically or the lost footage that couldn’t fit standard aspect ratios.
You know, I’m kinda knocking it, but I’d at least check it out anyway… it’s the train wreck theory- you have to watch. You just have to… Now, if it came in HDTV 3-D… well, you’d have to pardon me. I think I’d order just for the sheer experience of it. I’m helpless in such mind-bendingly sideshow freakish situations… I’m flawed dammit… flawed.

Until later kitties-
smooches in HDTV and 5.1,

2 thoughts on “conveniently, I’m considering cancelling cable…”

  1. Hey jEN,

    I see Voom are covering the Republican National Convention, I take it that will be on the Horror channel 🙂

    Yes, HD Porn, as if one didn’t feel inadequate enough 😳


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