geeking and tweaking and a rainy morning

Hello kitties!

It’s a rainy Saturday morning here. I’ve got a load of laundry in the machine and one already drying on the rack. That’s progress so far… I got up at the insane time of just before 5 a.m. today- not much different than any other day for me. I’m at work typically before most people are done with their breakfast cereal. I don’t mind it, as it means I’m out of work earlier than most as well…

But enough of that boring shit. That’s not what you come round here for, now is it? If it were, then I’d be just as well off by posting my daily “To Do” lists. (Just don’t ask me to report on the actual progress on such lists… you know how I am about those… :D)
I digress…

I was working on some geek stuffs yesterday. I’m still getting my head wrapped around CSS and furthering my HTML knowledge. (I’d love more time in the day to focus on it all, but I take what I can get.) I’d taken on the website for my local Mac User Group earlier this year, a club of which I’ve been an officer and newsletter editor for, and have decided that even though I’ll be moving soon, I’m going to keep on their site maintenance. It’ll benefit us both really. I’ll get a pet project to work on and sharpen my skills with and they’ll get a volunteer position filled by someone who has a history and genuine care for the organisation. It’s all good kitties. All good.

Well, the first site I produced for them is basic, not entirely ugly, and functional. You can see it if you like… I learned HTML to do it, I’d monkeyed in it before, but never scratch built a site with it. I started to play with CSS with it, but had no idea what I was doing with it or how it might benefit me. So the CSS on it makes no sense at all, but that’s ok. I’m learning goddammit. That ignorance has changed a bit now, and so once again I’m scratch building the site to learn and sharpen new skills.
It’s coming along, but I have a long way to go. I have a header graphic issue to work out and then I’ll be able to really construct the rest of the pages within the site. Neil has suggested creating borders temporarily in the CSS so I can see how each element affects another. I think I’ll have a go at that later this afternoon. Sounds like a good idea. (Especially since I’m such a newbie to it all!) Once I get the header issue worked out on the MUG site, then I should be able to fix the header here. I don’t want the “{regularjen}” bit at the top. I want a graphic layered over the background image, but it has to scroll with the content. I may be asking the impossible, but I have a feeling I’m not and that it’s just a tricky bit for a novice like myself. I’ll get it… just you wait and see.

So, if you’d like a look at my existing MUG site, it’s here. Like I said, it ain’t pretty, nor is it well coded, but it’s hella better looking than many MUG sites, and really, it’s all about being better than someone else in this world right? *kidding!!!*
I’ll get you a link to the new one shortly… perhaps by the end of the day. I really want to figure out the sticky bit, then I’ll be a happy geeky girl. 😀

Until later kitties…
smooches of WC3 compliance~

2 thoughts on “geeking and tweaking and a rainy morning”

  1. Hi jEN,

    best of luck with the CSS. I am always tring to use more and more of in on my main work site but what I really need is to be able replace a visual module that has a header and contents in two different colours, this is simple enough but the module has to have rounded corners, gnargh! At the moment it is constructed using CSS and a table but in an idea world I should be able to just use CSS right?

    It’s good to Geek!


  2. Kev, in it’s simplest form you could just replace some of the table cells with DIVs. But I suspect there’s a much ,ore geeky way to control the layout. I suppose it’s all about the type of positioning… if everything is absolute then all will be fine, but if you got into relative positioning then it could be a nightmare.
    There’s been a big discussion on the WordPress site about converting the WP calendar across to pure CSS, not sure if anyone managed it but it may be educational to read that discussion.

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