Cheer up, Sleepy jEN… (remember The Monkees?)

Ah, The Monkees… I watched them for a bit when I was a little girl. I actually grabbed a couple of their songs off of Acquisition once. I do have a guilty appreciation for their fluffy-as-the-drifting-snow pop sensibilities. The Last Train to Clarksville, Daydream Believer… fun stuff. Not to mention, their own theme song.

Go fix a bowl of your favourite childhood breakfast cereal, sit in your jammies, and download a couple of The Monkees tracks for old times… you’ll thank me for it. πŸ˜€

I’m sleepy but in better spirits today. I drove past the spot where the dog had been lying yesterday. They’ve cleaned up the blood with water and dirt. It’s obvious to me as I pass by the place, but most folks wouldn’t notice a thing. Most people probably didn’t notice the event itself- but that’s the curse of the american society in general. We’re not all like that- but most seem to be very focused on their own micro-environments. The world of bigger-better-faster-more, SUVs and diamond rings. Shopping malls and football games. I’m sick of america. I’ve been sick since birth.

Yum… swirling beneath my nose is the scent of my organic coffee, laced with cane sugar and cheapened with a fancy commercial creamer. I really need to wean myself from the creamer to an alternative, but we all have our heroin, don’t we? Mine is fancy coffee creamer. It’s better than doing drugs I guess, but only because the government hasn’t labeled it one yet… πŸ™‚
Just try and deal with me on a morning without it… it’s a drug, I tell ya.

I suppose that’s all for now…
smooches sticky with french vanilla~

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  1. I see u didn’t learn your lesson yet about how to hamstring a geek… Coffee and keyboards.
    tsk tsk tsk tsk

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