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Hello dearests!

I have solid advice for you today. Not some limp, coulda-lived-with-out-it kind of advice… nope, the real deal. Concrete offerings. This is the shit to write home about…

Do not- ever- make your desk so cluttered that you spill half a glass of some new-age Chai Tea blended smoothie stuff onto your Kensington Expert Mouse Wireless trackball and the number pad of your Apple Pro Keyboard. Trust me when I say this, (though you may roll your eyes in disbelief), it is not conducive to proper equipment functionality. You will break your shit, is what I’m telling you. The aforementioned items will cease to work as intended by their respective manufacturers.

I found this out the hard and spiny way tonight. But, as every tumultuous storm gives way to a path of ethereal rainbows, my sloppy input device dowsing produced one fine ribbon of prosperity: I went out and got a swanky new wireless keyboard and mouse. It’s not the magnificent trackball that I once had, however, it will do the job. I got the Cordless MX Duo from Logitech and I must say that the components rock so far.

I don’t recommend you dump some sugary protein drink on your keyboard to get what you really want- I could never advocate such a desperate measure- however, it worked for me.

good night my sweets~
a smooch to you all!

2 thoughts on “tip of the day”

  1. Hi jEN,

    in my time doing Mac tech support I came across many keyboards with cola and other fizzy drinks in them, including one from irate colleague who insisted that it had just stopped working and they had only bought it two weeks before, however he changed his tune when I opened it up and coca cola dripped out, his son had spilt it and cleaned the top of the keyboard and denied everything.

    However a ‘healthy’ drink is a new one on me, there is just no pleasing keyboards I guess 🙂

    Is the “Cordless MX Duo from Logitech” the one that is a Mac and Windows keyboard or is it Mac only?


  2. Hi Kev!
    Yeah… I’m going to try to revive the parts today. I gave it all plenty of air-out time overnight, so we’ll see if it’s all truly toast. In the meantime, a geek without a keyboard and mouse, well, you may just as well cut off my hands… I had to get a replacement fast! I was in withdrawal I say!
    The keyboard is Mac/PeeCee and quite cool. Really plug n play. I installed the software so that I could further customise all the buttons, but found that the majority were already programmed for sensible OS X functionality! How cool is that? 😀 Oh, and most importantly, I love the feel of typing on the new keyboard. Smooth and not like a cheap Wintel keyboard.

    Still haven’t tried the mouse yet- one of my cats killed the power to the system overnight by stepping on my power-strip, so the mouse didn’t get it’s charge. heh heh… cats. Can’t live with
    ’em, can’t just sell them to the Chinese restaurant anymore… 😉

    smooches from the land of sticky keys~

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