London Calling

So I’m prepping for my upcoming trip to the UK…

I’ve added another pair of formidable suitcases to the behemoth that I purchased the other day. One of which is of a hideous tiger striped fabric! I’ll easily pick it out of a criminal line-up… Good lord, it’s ugly! The carry-on is just a basic black case… functional and more expensive than either of the other, larger ones. One would think I would’ve paid extra for the horrible fabric on the 28incher, but tiger stripes are evidently not extra charge worthy. I suspect that if I hadn’t taken the rolling safari home, that it wouldn’t have been long before they would’ve put a “Free to Good Home, Neutered.” sign on it, but sensibly speaking, I don’t have the luxury of time to wait on such events…
Fortunately, upon unloading the new cases into the house, the domestic kitties were not afraid of their new, funny looking, feline brother… They came up, sniffed the fat kid, then wandered off. The tiger stripes are perhaps not quite real enough to fool my ‘sharp-as-a-sack-of-wet-lint’ kitties… I also doubt the baggage handlers will call in the local zoo officials to wrangle it in customs, however, I do expect droves of style police to grill me over such an obvious fashion faux pas. Guilty as charged.

It’s a really ugly suitcase. Really.

The Passport arrived this week. It’s my third ever. Name changes and expirations necessitated a new one for this journey. It’s extra shiny from all the new security crap they stamp all over it. I don’t know how they identify anyone from them with all the holographic wavy lines and seals and stars and swirls all over the photo… I should’ve had my photo taken with the new, fierce suitcase… there’d be no doubt of my identity since no one else besides the visually impaired would dare claim the thing. Now, my challenge is to make the two black cases as easy to recognise… I’ll need a trip to the fabric store I think… time to sew on some patches or something… Maybe I could get the iron letters and write out something like, “I’m with stupid,” “honk if you love my other suitcase,” (that would work since I’d be indoors see… no access to a car horn in there… nevermind…), “don’t worry, it’s vaccinated,” or “please don’t feed the case.”

I should get back to work… 😀 Definitely have my mind on other things, but I need to focus… Argh.

smooches of rightfully discounted luggage~

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One thought on “London Calling”

  1. It is not as much the fashion faux pas as the faux fur that worries me, do you not know how endangered Muppets have become due to the public’s insatiable demand for faux fur? 🙂

    I know what you mean about the black suitcases, two years ago when I flew to Ireland with my nice new suitcase it seemed that half the flight had bought the same case and no one had marked anything on their case.

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