exsanguinating the soul

hello again
i missed you…

I’m painting.

I’m listening to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, drinking a fairly strong glass of Absinthe and waiting for a particular line of paint to dry on my canvas before I proceed. I need it to form a skin at the very least…

I’m finishing the painting I started on the 3rd of this month. Life got in the way of an earlier completion. I’m feeling rather mellow and the incense is creating a smoke portal to another place. It’s a good day, kitties. (When I change the music to Eleven, I’ll get to sing too… Oh glorious artsy-fartsy day!)

I’m also purging belongings from the house this weekend. It feels good to take a truckload of things to the consignment shop. All the shit I couldn’t do without is now being bled from the house with pleasure and satisfaction. This house has always been a bulimic horrorshow of gathering things we didn’t need and then purging the unnecessaries to rummage sales and friends. It’s been a void filled, overfilled and emptied without completion for years. Only now, despite 10 years of trying, is this house becoming what it should. Only now is it finally healing instead of gorging on material needs. It’s been a ride.
Now it breathes.

I’ll share the painting when it’s done. It’s sister is already in my head clawing to get out, so I may continue with her immediately after- who knows.

Good night my sweets and a smooch to you all~

Current Music: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and will put on Eleven soon…
Current Mood: release