Potential Spoiler… Look for obvious BOLD text and don’t read further…

Noite boa meus felines deliciosos!
(It’s been awhile since I played with the online translators… ;))

Had a jim-dandy eve with a buddy of mine- Mike. I asked him to see I, Robot with me and to my delight, we did just that tonight. After toodling through the local electronics mega store, (Best Buy), gawking at new digital cameras, we drove across the american car park expanse to the cinema. He spotted me a movie ticket, (thanks doll!), and we both purchased full-on, nutritionally devoid snacky bar foodstuffs for our geek movie pleasure. We each had huge bags of buttered popcorn and sticky sodas (I barely drank a fourth of mine), but the similarities ended there as he opted for nachos & cheese, where I made my move on the Twizzlers. Unfortunately, the nachos weren’t so easily had. Mike made a superb spill of about half of the crispy round chips in the lobby where a lovely, though nearly frighteningly insistent, elderly lady helped us regroup the remaining armload of snacks.

Now, do I need to tell you how annoying it is, when seated in a theatre, rows of empty chairs all around… how desperately annoying it is to have two talky-pants mitherfickers sit right the fuck behind you? Though their physicians are missing out on the repair work, the two ‘chatty chair thumpers’ fortunately shut up before I unleashed a small terror on them. Bastards. I do not, repeat, do not talk during a movie. I expect others to abide by that same unwritten law. I’m a pleasant girl, just don’t try to talk during a movie that I am likely enjoying, got ass-raped on ticket cost for, and am trying to lose myself in. You will be punished…

Spoilers? Could be sorta. Read at your own risk!!

I, Robot… I was thoroughly entertained. I judge most movies on the ‘watch the clock’ scale. If I look at my watch, (which is actually my mobile phone), once… a movie has mostly done it’s job. Twice? Tick toc… tick toc… wonder how much more there is to it? (not a good sign).
Three times… get me outta here!
Will Smith was a delight to watch and the role was good. There’s a lovely bit of him nekid in the shower from a side view, but it’s over quick for those concerned on such sights. The special effects were very cool. The robots earned compassion from me. (Especially the main character robot.) There are some wholly unbelievable FX scenes where usually lots of action is definitely cashing in on the ‘wow factor’ – but… I liked those scenes after all. I didn’t look at my watch even once. YAY! To quote an old Tribe Called Quest song, Can I Kick It, “like a box of positives, it’s a plus love.”
There are some freaky scenes with Sonny, the main robot character, where he is very realistic and you have to feel it inside- he becomes like an awkward human at times. The Audi car that Will drives is on both Mike’s and my wish lists… It’s so badass. Admittedly, the “who dunnit” reveal was getting predictable towards the end and the ‘over-focus’ on the red herring bad guy was slightly overdone, but that’s an american movie for you. Other than that, and that is really a minor complaint, the film was way fun and will likely sit on my DVD shelf one day.

I am falling asleep at the keyboard right now… Sleep has crept in and conquered my will to finish my post… I may have to just slap this up and promise to blog when I’m rested tomorrow… jEN is sooo sleepy.

Good night dear kitties!
smooches laced with toothpaste flavoured lips~

3 thoughts on “Potential Spoiler… Look for obvious BOLD text and don’t read further…”

  1. Hi jEN,

    I can appreciate problem with the “talky-pants mitherfickers”, it can be worse in a theatre as the volume is not as loud. When I worked in a school I used to go with the drama classes to the theatre and it was always a worry about the kids talking, but worst experience was not the kids it was a large group of elderly people who were taking up the back two rows at one show. They constantly chatted and not always about the play, they constantly passed a carrier bag full of sweets up and down the rows with the constant sweetie wrapper noise. Every now and again someone would exclaim “Oh that’s her from (insert name of TV show)” followed by “No you’re thinking….”
    What got me was that if it had been the kids who were behaving like that they would have been the first to complain!
    I must admit I am looking forward to getting old so I can annoy people!

    I must go and see I, Robot, I have been wary of going to see Sci-Fi films after being pissed off at the pathetic Dolphin in Johnny Mnemonic and wanting to chew my own foot off while watching Stargate.


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