“To Do” lists… yeah. (reminders of failure)

Good afternoon world.

I didn’t get to the post I wanted to last evening. I had to work late, went home hungry, fixed a superb dinner and washed it down with a particularly strong Ketle One Vodka and Paul Newman’s Virgin Pink Lemonade. Needless to say, an empty tum, a long few days at work, just got over a cold, and about 5 shots of vodka in a glass later = very little productivity for the rest of the evening. I ended up revelling in the laziness and didn’t do a thing worth noting. 😀 (Except for some iChat time, which really doesn’t count towards daily accomplishments, though I wish it did! I’d feel really productive everyday! 😀 )

I’m off work tomorrow and am in the midst of constructing an ambitious and intimidating “To Do” list… or as I like to refer to them: “Failure Reminders”
I am the world’s best list maker. Sometimes I even manage to complete a few of the things I put on them! 🙂 (sense of achievement ensues)
Too often, the list becomes unmanageably huge and spills into color-codes, numbered items and larger scraps of paper to rewrite them onto. This time will be different. I’m going to try something entirely too organised for this girl – I’ll put it in my Palm. (primo device for organisation if you can remember to use it!) Problem is, I don’t like the software that’s on it to create the list… You know what that means don’t you? I have to go find something online that meets my stringent “Failure Reminder” list quality standards (hopefully Freeware…).
Now, what did I do with today’s “To Do” list…

Back to work with me… oppressive employment… heh heh.


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Johnny Cash – “The Man Comes Around”
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult – “Cuz it’s Hot”
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