nameserver schtuff getting worked out… and useless stuff about God

Hey kitties-
I didn’t post much over the last couple of days due to both a brief but raging cold and also due to my blog changing nameservers.
I’m not totally done with the transition for all my links and schtuff… but I need to magically manufacture some time first. I’m working on it, but so far I still have trouble just keeping the rabbit hidden in the hat, let alone performing time alchemy…

I’m at work, so I can’t get the post that’s in my head done since it requires photos from my home iPhoto, but will likely get to it later.

In the meantime, welcome new kitties! Yesterday, I put a profile up on a dotMac buddy profile site and linked my blog. Within a few hours, I had three personal messages to me in my inbox… Pretty cool! (If you’re itchin’ to snoop, it’s under imooficus, just like the link o’er there to my dotMac* implies —->) Thanks for your comments and no, my hair isn’t blue currently. It’s an odd sort of platinum caramel right now… If you really want the dirt on who I am, you’ll have to keep checking the Polywogg site blog I maintained. They were changing servers and said they may be down up to two weeks, so I think they have another week to go. That’s where the real dirt is my sweets. This is my new blog, which is still in a bit of a morph to get it where I want it, (that blasted ‘time’ issue again), but I’ll get the same sort of scoop rolling here as well. The link to my old blog is o’er there —–>
Keep checking if it interests you. If it doesn’t, then go polish yer shoes or come clean out my car. (It needs it desperately… 🙂 )

I’m listening to an eclectic mix on my iPod right now, (one of a nearly schizophrenic nature including Cradle of Filth, Pink, Fictional, Toadies, NERD, Bobby Vinton and more- to illustrate the semi-fucked up scope of it), and I love a silly line in the Pink song, “God is a DJ.” It goes, “…then God wants you to shake your ass!” Heh heh… I’m not one for organised religion, but if God threw a Rave- I’d go. One would guess it’d be pretty freakin’ cool… I’d love to see glow-in-the-dark apostles and angels with dog collars on! Now where would he throw it? Ibiza comes to mind… I still wouldn’t go to church on Sunday, (or any other day), but I wouldn’t miss the Rave… Of course, if God is a DJ, and he threw a Rave, it would at least prove something wouldn’t it? It sure would make plenty of Christians faint… heh heh. I wouldn’t miss that reaction for the world… Especially if God has his tongue pierced or a scrote ladder… heh heh. God as a club kid… I can see the flock dispersing now.
Wow- I wandered and rambled on about that silliness long enough.
Fark it. I need to get to work. 🙂

divine smooches~

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