You may want to avoid this site… or be damned.

Good faith-filled blog readers: I hereby give you the opportunity to turn back now…
Lest your eyes tear up with blood and you expel pea soup from your tender orifices…

This site has been examined and determined to be well over 50% evil. Check this out, I have proof:
This site is certified 64% EVIL by the Gematriculator

There are numerous fun things to explore at the homokaasu site – I can’t possibly blog about them all… though I’m sure I’ll try! 🙂

They are so cool, I’ve put a link to them o’er there ——->

Enjoy the drop down menu of fun at the top of their site. Remember though, if you fear for your soul, you’ll never visit me again.

Now, where are those old Slayer albums…
smooches straight from Satan’s sphincter,

2 thoughts on “You may want to avoid this site… or be damned.”

  1. Hi jEN,

    that is a great site, you could spend all day there and you get that ‘I wish I’d thought of that’ feeling.

    My blog only hits 42% evil 🙁 But my main site (the one with no content!) hits 51% evil.


  2. You are not alone in your shame, Kev. It’s humiliating, My feeble 36% evil score means I don’t feel I can show my pants in public any more.

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