tunes and in tune

Greetings my smooch recipients!

The Melissa Auf Der Maur album is wonderful. It’s a little dark, a little metaphysical, a little grubby rock and funky with ethereal vocals… it’s cool. Get it. (Kinda like if Kyuss, Hole and a gaggle of wayward angels had a baby…)

I’m not 100% today… or yesterday for that matter. I did a lot of energy draining activity over the weekend and I think it’s tuckered me out. I stayed home from the farm, lit candles, listened to some music and painted. I didn’t get to do art over the weekend, so tonight was the indulgence…

It’s coming along. I’m pleased. I don’t think I can finish it tonight due to the super thick amounts of paint on the canvas already and the thick head I’ve got thanks to absinthe! Tomorrow she will be finished. Tonight I indulged in the evening of half consciousness and let the energies be after a certain pause. And there’s thunder outside… god I love a thunderstorm.

More tomorrow kitties-
smooches~ (paint covered lips)

5 thoughts on “tunes and in tune”

  1. Hi jEN,

    I have been listening to the Melissa Auf Der Maur tracks on the web site, quite dark and edgy, may see if the album is in the shops over here; I need to start buying new artist again as I have got back into listening to music and the same old tracks are starting to wear thin.

    Hope the ‘canvas’ is coming along, need a good thunderstorm here it is too hot and clamy.


  2. Oh Kev… the Auf Der Maur is brilliant, (even the slightly kooky bits). I liked it the first time I heard it, then listened to it on loop for while. I love the appearances by Josh Homme on the tracks, as I’m a huge worshipper of all thing Kyuss/Queens/Desert Sessions… If I were a dog, I’d hump his guitar! LOL!

    Painting is going well… my job wouldn’t have understood me taking the day off to finish it though, so it’ll have to wait another couple hours for completion. šŸ˜€
    I’ll have show n’ tell though…
    smooches ~

  3. I find a woman with a bass guitar so surreal. The guitar always looks so big… it’s almost pornographic – sliding her hand up and down the neck… twiddling this and that and looking like she’s gonna fall over with the great big thing landing on top and breaking a few ribs.
    It’s the proportions, they are all wrong, and the elbow angles are odd looking… like women drummers, they work from the elbow not the wrist. Not the right ‘equipment’ to practice on when young I guess ;).

  4. Having played both instruments in my past, (and being fairly good at the one without strings…), and being of small stature, I can say that most bass guitars are a bit unwieldy for the girlies. Drums however, that’s like saying that all women throw like girls… not so, sweetie… šŸ˜‰ However, the ‘equipment’ referred to would likely have given me quicker results in the development of such proper technique, it would’ve also made me a laughing stock in the locker room at school. (I’ll take the extra practice time over ridicule, thanks… LOL)
    You know, Barbie would’ve spent a lot more time alone if she had articulated wrists… just these pitiful right angle arms… no wonder she needed Ken… couldn’t even get a good elbow movement on her own- poor dear! (Of course, did you ever look into Ken’s trousers? Must’ve kept certain equipment in the toy box or in Barbie’s van…)

  5. It’s not just Ken and Barbie who are afflicted with the lack of appropriate limb function. Action Man, that eagle-eyed bag-for-life of machoism can no longer bend either his elbows or his knees. This means he represents a soldier incapable of taking a swig of Special Brew without a very long straw (a bit nancy, I’m sure you’ll agree), cannot have nightly group gatherings of percy polishing (notwithstanding his complete lack of appropriate anatomy) and most certainly cannot deal with the local peasants in a manner similar to a dog – and I don’t mean the long queue waiting for sloppy seconds… though thinking about it, perhaps that is equally appropriate.

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