Blue moons and perfect days

Greetings all-

It’s currently the day ushered in by the blue moon of last eve. I am strongly attached to the moon for reasons I may never fully understand but deny not that I’m to revel in the rarity and cosmic deja vu of a blue moon occurrence. She was brilliant last night… huge, proud and smiling upon the earth with a warm smile not typically apparent in the mother of shadows and veiled intent. She was truly a gift and I am grateful. Mei luna…

I was out with friends last night and had a really swell time, having given thanks for the lunar gift prior to engaging in the plans pending. Aaron was there too. It was an interesting feeling to have gone out with him as a friend. No pressure to be sweet or amorous. We ate pizza, played pool, drank a little… it was comfort like I’ve not felt with him in ages. We were free. It was beautiful. And mei luna smiled sweetly on us all.

We returned home before midnight and I did a little more thanking and such before nearly passing out from exhaustion. I barely drank alcohol last night, so I was just ready for sleep- nothing more complex than that. Mei luna kissed me goodnight and I slept like a babe.

I’m having a very productive day today. Aaron is away with his brother at a festival and I am free to do what I please in this house. I’ve done the mundane tasks of washing floors, scrubbing the toilet, running a load of towels through the wash… but all without provocation, interruption, or the feeling of having to share space. This is my house today and I am drinking in every moment with an energy and pleasure. Not that I mind my (now ex)husband being around, but it’s easier on us both when the other is out of the house. It’s natural and we accept that. Nothing more to it.

I think I’ll paint. I’ve not dirtied a canvas in over a year. I need to now. Perhaps I’ll post a picture of it when I’m finished…

Until later kitties-
smooches of new dawns dusted in joy,

Current mood: content and productive. happy, really.
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3 thoughts on “Blue moons and perfect days”

  1. Hi jEN,

    well I never knew that every 2.7 years there is a full moon twice in a single calendar month or that it is called a ‘Blue Moon’; I guess I should read up on more Moon lore, some Standing Stone formations that I find interesting may have tracked the Moon as well as the Sun.


  2. Ah yes… I can’t wait to walk amongst the stones! I want to travel all over the UK to see them! The blue moon this year also fell upon a really powerful time of year for those of alternative spirituality. I don’t subscribe to anything ‘organised’ in my beliefs, but do know that all over the planet, there were likely lots of naked folks, drumming heard, rituals had, and feasts galore!

    I’ve seen enough on the education-style TV channels to know that the stone formations do track lunar events as well… amazing stuff really! I also dig Mayan and other cultures. Fascinating things to study… now, if I could just manufacture me some time to learn full-time… but alas- a girlie’s got to pay the bills somehow! I hate sacrificing my time to learn to a punch clock system. Work sucks. 😛


  3. What gentle strokes has your brush laid upon the canvas? Was it with the fierce determination of one who has found freedom or more of a smoothness that one finds when at peace with herself?

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